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Shamhitha Architecture

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SHAMHITHA ARCHITECTS is a renowned and well-known Architectural firm in Bangalore. Established in the year of 2012, SHAMHITHA ARCHITECTS in Hebbagodi is serving customers both in and around Bangalore. It is a place where customers can shop for everything under one roof. It mainly works on 3D Interior and Exterior Designs, Structural Drawings, Architectural Drawings , Construction Services and many more.


Our Vision is to expand our periphery and set a bigger goal in the coming days . we aim to put in absolute effort to accomplish our Vision.


Our Mission is not only to expand our line of products and build Architecture within our client’s budget but also to deliver a project on time.


We choose and employ hardworking, dedicated individuals who can put their best to serve our client’s. We endeavour to establish a bond of trust and faith with our client’s.

Architects in Bangalore

Do you have a need for the architects in Bangalore? Do you have a budget set and cannot exceed that? Bingo, Shamhita Architects is going to provide all the facilities that you wish to have. Be it an office or a residential dwelling, the impression of any building depends on its architecture. Moreover, if the design is not up to the mark, you may feel very disturbed about that one mistake if made. Hence, always go for a reliable company so that your building looks perfect.

Shamhita Architects understands the specific requirements of different individuals. Therefore, mention what you like or dislike about a property and finalize the deal. We promise to give only what you want and fulfil your dreams.

Shamhita Architects is serving different parts of Bangalore and offers advanced booking facilities also. The exteriors and interiors will really have a compelling effect on the customers. So, take up the phone, visit the website, and ensure that you get a wonderful outcome.

Best architects in Bangalore

Bangalore is becoming one of the most popular hubs for electronics and engineering. Therefore, if you are shifting to the Electronic City, make your move special with a classic architectural masterpiece. If you are also in search of the best architects in Bangalore, get to the internet now. The online options will let you take a brief survey of the city and the best service providers. Check out the quality of services, and the materials that they use for making your dream home.

Shamhita Architects is one of the best architects that you can get in Bangalore. We offer high-class facilities so that your life become hassle-free and effortless. It is ready to give amazing designs and looks to your home and office equally. The aesthetics reflect the style and status at every step.

If you are having financial constraints, please do not hesitate to have a look at the price rate of these architects. Tell your budget and we will have every option available for you at a budget-friendly price.

Architects near me

Do you stay in Bangalore and wish to have a smart interior? Just enter the architects near me on your browser and see the magic. All the top names will appear at once as you press the Enter.

Shamhita Architecture presents a sophisticated design to your premises and provides guarantee for the quality. The long-lasting building will ensure that your dwelling is robust and impresses the guests as well. In Bangalore, the costs of the new properties can be a concern, especially for the new comers. Moreover, if you prefer to have a particular design for the building, it becomes more expensive. But Shamhita Architects provides a cost-effective solution in this regard.

It is the leader among the Bangalore architects and gives you immense satisfaction with the final results. Mention your name, category (residential or commercial), and estimated price. All the queries will be addressed online. You can give a call and confirm the booking. The professionals will definitely get back to you within a day.

We DoSpecialization Architects Services

Residential architects in Bangalore

The residential architects in Bangalore are now easily approachable with the help of online portals. You have to search a bit to ensure that the organization is reliable and meets all your criteria. Hiring a trustworthy professional is essential when you initiate building a robust building, especially in a High-tech city like Bangalore. Moreover, these trained and experienced architects will connect with several top-class builders in the city. So, you will not have to take the burden of searching for the best contractors. The experts will take responsibility for everything.

Shamhita Architecture gives you the privilege to enjoy affordability and quality at the same time. Currently, it is the leader in the architecture sector of Bangalore. A project involves multiple specifications and hence labor. Moreover, they enter into a valid contract only after discussing with you and understanding the requirements. These residential architects in Bangalore promise to render the highest quality services and fulfill your expectations.

Architect office near me

Bangalore residents will now get premium establishments ready at the best rates. Look for the top-most architect office near me and get satisfactory solutions within seconds. Among so many options, Shamhita Architecture can be an ideal alternative to let your dream come true. Please specify your location to reach the nearest office of this architect. It is a renowned professional entity dealing with various kinds of architectural designs and specifics.

Furthermore, the professionals are all learned and competent enough to determine your need and work accordingly. The experts at Shamhita Architects always make sure that the customers get the perfect model beforehand to get enough to modify according to the instructions. Almost all the central area of Bangalore has a branch office of these architects. You can book the appointment online to save your time. Besides, the facility for WhatsApp chat is also now functional to make the system effortless and convenient.

Architecture firm

The role of an architecture firm is immense for a fruitful building. Be it the design, interiors, raw materials, capabilities of the workers, and other minor specifics, only a reputed organization will be able to provide all that you require. Hence, you must not rush while appointing a reliable architecture firm for your construction and design.

Shamhita Architecture has established good will in Bangalore in various aspects of interior decorations. The fabric, materials, style, designs, necessary unique paints, etc., all form a part of a project. Furthermore, you can depend on their color concepts for a great outcome. Imagine the residence you want to have, and the reality will be in front of your eyes.

Many people are shifting to Bangalore nowadays for jobs and other purposes. If you plan to settle in this city permanently, do not hesitate to connect with a well-known brand for your home. Ensure beautiful premises according to your purchasing power and enjoy every moment of your life.

Why we are best in Bangalore ?

SHAMHITHA ARCHITECTS has been striving to make its customers content since 2012. They have a wide array of services to cater to the various necessities of their customers.

The staff are very cooperative and amicable . They answer all the queries courteously and hastily without making you wait for long. It is a multi-faceted firm that has expertise in Architecture, Interior Designing, Estimation and Project management. In addition to these services, we are unique in crafting Turnkey Architects, Consultant Architects, Landscape Architects, Office Designs and many more in the bucket.

Our sincerity, determination and delivering the project on time make us the best in Bangalore.


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Floor Plan Interior See Detail
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Bangalore architecture

When it comes to describing the advantages of staying in Bangalore, the topic of Bangalore Architecture will always be there. The incredible designs, innovative approach in every layer, advanced techniques for building different parts of the building, etc., indicate that modern architects are changing their working styles. Therefore, you can expect exceptional interiors as your demands from these professionals.

If you are in search of a reliable professional, go for Shamhita Architecture. This entity will serve you efficiently and offer unbelievable prices for your project. Let these experts see the technical experts and free you from unnecessary pressure. Please provide all the details to them, and the professionals will begin the quality work immediately.

The team of Shamhita Architecture in Bangalore is ready to provide services in any part of the city without any limitations. Only a phone call will be enough to hire them for a marvelous design. Change the whole get-up of your office or home by seeking the support of the best architects in Bangalore.

OurShamhitha Architects Process

Analyze Project
Meet & succumb

Meet our professionals and Interior Designers who are there to help you to create a personalized home. We will also assist you to find the best home décor and home designs that suit your needs.

Idea & Concept :

Our idea is to refurbish the existing trend which can be beneficial to the people at large. We aim to amalgamate the varied elements that exist sporadically into one homogeneous domain. The competent Architects execute the concept effectively.

Design & Create

We curate and develop distinguished designs and Interior Architecture in the home, office and their surroundings. Our designs are trendy and are executed by professionals who are adapt in contemporary designs suitable for Bungalows, Residential Spaces etc.

Deliver & establish :

We lay stress on the timely delivery of our projects. We value the urgency and needs of our clients and try to keep up with their expectations. We have established ourselves as a firm which attempts to fufill the objective of our clients .

Lets Discuss The Project


Our team

Our renowned team has made us the Famous Architects in Bangalore. Our team has:

Ar. Vignesh

Ar. Suresh

Er. Mustfa Ansari



Arun Kumar




1. What is our design process?

As per cliets requirement we work on 2D Drawings as per Vastu ( 2-3 options of conceotual plans ).After finalisation we work on Architectural detailes drawing , structural drawings. We work on 3D architectural designs and make continuous efforts to reinvent the existing Architectural and Interior Design plans.

2. Why you are best in Bangalore?

We deliver projects on time irrespective of the clients and provide space-saving solutions which make us the Best Designers in Bangalore.

3. What are the Architects?

Architects are professionals who have acquired knowledge in the art and science of building. They develop concepts and turn them into images which are suitable for homes, offices or other spaces. We work according to and have become the best Architect and Interior Designers in Bangalore.

4. How long does it take for the project to be completed?

In general, an ideal project of 1200sft site G+4 from the day you come to see it till its completion takes around 10 months. In the process, the client becomes a member of the team who can make decisions and also ask the Architect to implement them.

5. How much do your services cost?

The total project cost includes the building Architectural drawings, Structural Drawings, Interior Design drawings, Exterior 3D Drawings. Depending on the total cost , architectural service fees can be within Rs.60,000 – Rs.90,000 on building a Duplex house of site area 1200sft.

6. Did you know this Architects design?

Yes, this Architect is very well known and reputed in Bangalore. They are famous for their house Vastu plans.